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Section5.1Portfolio 5

Portfolio 5: Final Exam is due to Blackboard by 11:59 p.m. Friday, August 10th.

Subsection5.1.1Purpose and Learning Standards

The fifth and final portfolio in the course does not cover new ground; rather, it is your opportunity to sum up the course, reflect upon what you've learned, and fill any gaps in your learning standards from earlier in the semester.

Subsection5.1.2Skills You'll Develop

In this portfolio you'll gain practice with the following skills.

  1. The ability to monitor and reflect upon your learning process, and decide what you'll take away from this course into the world.

Subsection5.1.3Knowledge You'll Gain

In this portfolio you'll gain familiarity with the following important content knowledge of linear algebra.

  1. (No new content knowledge in this portfolio.)


You'll demonstrate that you've fulfilled the purpose of this assignment by completing the following sets of tasks. Each type of task will generate an artifact that you can include in your portfolio.

  1. Begin your Learning Narrative 5 (click here for more information)
  2. Engage regularly with your classmates in reviewing course material through reading discussions, Flipgrid assignments, Piazza discussions, and/or online gatherings.
  3. Complete the Final Exam assignment via Blackboard (click here to access).
  4. When finished with the above, complete your Learning Narrative 5 (click here 3 for more information).
  5. Finally, submit your finished portfolio by the due date via Blackboard (click here to access).

Subsection5.1.5Criteria for Success

Your portfolios in this course are the primary component on which you are graded. Accordingly, your portfolio must contain evidence that you have done each of the following:

  1. Met every learning goal of the course. Evidence here must consist of references to learning standards mastered in previous portfolios and work submitted as part of your final exam.
  2. Reflected on the progress of your own learning. Evidence must include your Learning Narrative at the front of your portfolio, which explicitly references how the other evidence in your portfolio supports your having done the above.