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The Quant Mechanics:
Turning the Screws of Quantitative Literacy

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Welcome to a podcast made with, by, and for the educators on the front lines of America’s numeracy crisis.

The Quant Mechanics is focused on amplifying the best ideas and the cutting edge of what’s known about the state of students’ quantitative literacy in U.S. higher education, and ways to build toward a more numerate future. Our security, prosperity, and indeed democracy depend upon it.

Series 1 is titled What Is Quantitative Literacy, Anyway? In our inaugural series we’ll talk about the (numerous!) ways this skill set is defined in the academy, especially how it is distinguished from yet inherently supported by the discipline of mathematics. We’ll also talk to educators across the disciplines about what quantitative literacy looks like in their fields and in their classrooms.

Series 1 is currently in production. If you have a suggestion for our series, or a recommendation for a guest, please get in contact with us using the form below.

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